North Carolina, Utah, and Georgia are now Border Towns with Rising Burdens, Biden Promises Aid as Illegals Burn Indigenous Lands for Warmth

Illegal invaders, including women and children, from Mexico, are being taken through the desert by drug cartels for a fee and left in makeshift squatters’ locations to wait for provisions and transportation deeper into the US, from places where there are no food, water, or ways to keep warm other than burning down trees to … Read more

EL BLUE on Border: Mexican Reporter Warns US, “You had America, and you let it go!”

Oscar El Blue Ramirez, a resident of Mexico and a correspondent for Real America’s Voice, appeared on the War Room with host Steve Bannon from southern Mexico to highlight the dire consequences of Democrat Joe Biden returning the United States to the United Nations Global Compact on Migration after President Donald Trump removed us and … Read more

Ind. Journalists Show Sure of Migrants Entering Suburbs, Expose Overwhelming Caravan Influx

Independent journalists are crushing the corporate media’s coverage of the invasion on the Southern Border and the consequences of an open Southern Border- for Americans. Ben Bergquam, founder of Frontline America, Real America’s Voice Correspondent, and host of Law and Border, revealed disturbing footage of illegals being taken into the suburbs and setting up shanty … Read more

‘Christmas Caravan’ to Crush US, Community Organizer Leads Onslaught of Illegals with Demands to Enrich Cuba- or else

López Obrador, the President of Mexico, and his activist pal are creating some political theater to push for their collective demands from the United States to assist Cuba. Real America’s Voice correspondent, Oscar El Blue, reported live from the area, and showed the groundswell of illegal invaders that is being primed to make demands of … Read more

Chicago Sees Alarming Rise in Homelessness: Concerns Mount for Americans

Words of wisdom about life and tragic consequences in America can be found in unsuspecting places like the poorest Americans, who are found homeless on the streets of Chicago. Those who survive painful economic conditions could be the most intelligent people to ask about what is going wrong. Also called “The Windy City,” it is … Read more

Americans on the Cold Streets, Illegals in Warm Housing: The Formulaic Replacement Process in Chicago

Illegal invaders and migrants from all over the world are being housed comfortably in Chicago and given provisions for their comfort, nourishment, and safety while Americans are languishing in the cold and crime-filled streets. Chicago is a “Sanctuary City” that protects illegal invaders from the consequences of breaking into the United States and is negligent … Read more

REPLACED CIVIL RIGHTS! Chicago Sanctuary City for Illegals Replaces Historic Fair Housing Victories for Black Americans

In 2023, Democrat-United Nations policies have morphed into legal rights for noncitizens- to promote, defend, and support an illegal invasion of migrants, even when those migrants are replacing Black and Hispanic Americans. What is causing the problems are ‘Sanctuary City’ laws, which have replaced historic Republican battle-earned 1960s Civil Rights laws that gave Black and … Read more