DANGER! Footage Shows Economic Migrants Getting Pushed Into USA, Which is Also Broken by Democrats [VIDEOS]

A new media report by Todd Bensman shows that DHS and Customs officials are saying that there is a massive migration, worse than anything we have seen before, who are building up pressure near points of passage into the United States, waiting for the lifting of Trump-era stops on their migration into the US, which … Read more

Exclusive Reporting on Origins of TV Ad Exposes Cartel Ties to the CCP, Corporate Media Ignores

Real America’s Voice investigator reporter Ben Bergquam, host of Law and Border, reminded readers of the ties between Drug Cartels and the Chinese Communist Party – which he and his network of independent border journalists have discovered and exposed. Even Reuters reported on Thursday about the increase in migration from China into the US but … Read more

The Tucker Carlson Guest You Didn’t Get to See is Battling the ADL in an Epic Battle of Good over Evil

John Sabal, a disabled Navy Veteran turned Citizen Journalist, was scheduled to appear on the Tucker Carlson Show to talk about his epic battle with the Anti-Defamation League (ADL) over charges that the leftist group is misrepresenting him, his work and his activism on their website. The ADL claims that Sabal is an “extreminist”, and … Read more

MAY DAY! Devil Worship, Vaccine Dominance and CCP Collide in US ‘Seat of Liberty’ During SatanCon-Catholic Response

SatanCon is an annual event in Boston and this year is being dedicated to Boston’s Mayor Michele Wu, who many people call a Communist: Marty Walsh is a moron and Michele Wu is a communist – good job Boston — Lloydofd (@Lloydofd1) January 5, 2022 But that will just be brushed off as a ‘joke’. … Read more

WATCH: Whistleblower to Testify USA is Billion Dollar ‘Middleman’ in International Child Trafficking Ring

Media sources are reporting that the US House Judiciary subcommittee will receive testimony that will expose the United States operating in support of a massive scheme, which includes trafficking illegals through our open Southern borders. Here is a link to where to watch. BREAKING: A whistleblower tomorrow will testify to the House Judiciary subcommittee that … Read more

BRILLIANT! CPAC Releases Interactive Voter Guide for Voters to Harshly Scrutinize Lawmakers’ Votes

Matt Schlapp appeared on the War Room with Steve Bannon on Tuesday. He released a new website that will insert some good old-fashioned competition and accountability to elected civil servants, and perhaps some good old-fashioned fear too, which is good. The more transparency we can get on what these civil servants are doing, the more … Read more