‘Benedict’ McCarthy Tricked House Made Side Deal to Send Money to Ukraine- Betrayed a Nation

The American people are accustomed to the betrayal of very greedy politicians who have usurped power in the nation’s capital to direct their focus on money-making schemes for themselves and their associates, so it really is not going to be surprising to many that reports now show that Speaker of the House, US Rep. Kevin … Read more

91 House Heroes: Kevin McCarthy Rallied Democrats to his Side, and 7 GOP Did Not Vote in Shutdown Fever

The Bill to avoid a government shutdown passed the US House on Saturday afternoon and the moved to the Senate for more nonsense- where our civil servants will mostly pretend to care about the American people. And only 31% of Americans think the country is headed in the right direction, according to Rasmussen polling on … Read more

Sexual Slavery in Stash House for Illegals: 11 Year Old Girls Brutalized, Whipped and Gang Raped

Every town is a border town, and now we know it is true. This brutal story unfolds in the border town of Bemidji, Minnesota- in the United States of America. Thank Democrats and the Uniparty Republicans who have brought this hell to our country. Warning: This article contains disturbing details of a sexual assault.  For … Read more

HEAR IT! Democrat Insurrectionist Interupts Government Proceeding by Pulling Fire Alarm in US Capitol

Rep. Jamaal Bowman (D-NY) has been DETAINED and is being questioned about his criminal behavior. From SATURDAY: HERE IS THE TWEET-SEE THE FOOTAGE FROM MARCH: A VIOLENT MAN SEE THE EXPLOSIVE BEHAVIOR BY BOWMAN DEMANDING GUNS BE REMOVED FROM AMERICANS On Saturday, there was BREAKING news from Benny Johnson that the Capitol Police released security … Read more

The United Nations is Exploiting Humans for Profits – That is the Border Crisis

Ben Bergquam from Real America’s Voice got an up-close view of the exploitation of humanity by the demonic United Nations again, this week. Here is what he told his audience: Virtue signaling at its worst from Costa Rica. #UnitedNations#BidenBorderInvasion#TrumpWasRight “Law & Border” Real America’s Voice News @RealAmVoice Sponsored by http://PatriotMobile.com promo code: RAV And http://RAVSAT.com … Read more

Communists are Promoting an Emerging Community of Digital Authoritarians

The photo is taken from a website with Chinese Communist Party Revolution Propaganda. U.S. Department of State recently released the following statement on Thrusday: How the People’s Republic of China Seeks to Reshape the Global Information Environment Today, the Department of State released a landmark report on how the People’s Republic of China, or PRC, seeks … Read more