BEAT TO DEATH: Ireland Imported Tribal Warfare, Now Paying a Heavy Toll For the ‘Privledge’

Some people think freedom and liberty are just too hard, so they want to see a socialist utopia, heavy on government tyranny, come in and make them feel safe and secure from the dirty, messy consequences of being independent. So they are willing to be ruled by politicians from a nation of warring tribal groups … Read more

Era of Transparency Over: Kari Lake’s Request to Examine Maricopa’s Suspicious Mail-In Ballot Affidavits Denied Again

An Arizona Superior Court judge has rejected Kari Lake’s request to examine signed ballot envelopes of 1.3 million early voters. The most recent court ruling gives the 2022 Arizona Republican candidate for governor another loss in her third trial related to last year’s election, which appears to her supporters to be a coverup of a highly questionable … Read more

RED ALERT! [Digest of Shows] War Room Issues Demands for Serious Government Action

Cowards die many times before their deaths; the valiant never taste of death but once- is a quote used in William Shakespeare’s Julius Caesar, in Act II, Scene 2. But if you didn’t know the score, you may have believed Stephen K. Bannon said it on Real America’s Voice, War Room program. Government tyranny and … Read more

‘Migration Surge’: Lofty Weight of Invaders Who Cross in AZ Through America’s Backyard, Shutdown State Law Enforcement

Illegal immigration and border policies in Arizona are causing a loss of quality of life for people who live in the US Southern Border. Still, the trouble does not stop at the homes and communities right on the border, according to Real America’s Voice Correspondent and host of Law and Border, Ben Bergquam. On Sunday, … Read more

Steve Bannon Floats Don Jr’s Name to Run the RNC After Dumping McDaniels

Steve Bannon appeared on Don Trump Jr’s podcast ‘Triggered’ on Monday night to talk about the state of American politics, political strategy, and election integrity and how the administrative state will do anything, in Bannon’s estimation, to prevent President Donald J. Trump from getting back to the White Hosue. The two MAGA kings had a … Read more

EPIC! Combat Zone Photographer Catches Rising Tensions at the Border Among Invaders

The US Southern border is getting so ruthless one reporter described having to use a firearm to prevent illegal invaders from stealing a vehicle and then added more details that show Americans are in grave danger of losing our peaceful and prosperous quality of life to a criminal invasion of foreigners. And the truth is … Read more

Tommy Robinson Arrested Corporate Media Screamed Until he Was Removed [VIDEO]

Freedom of the Press and a Journalist’s ethics to cover events are in the crosshairs of the British government again, as footage from numerous independent people in the area surfaced on social media showing the intimidation and bullying of a British reporter to prevent him from covering a story. At the 5:30 mark, it is … Read more