‘Give us a show,’ Las Vegas-area substitute teacher accused of forcing 2 children to kiss as students recorded

Disclaimer: Content in this story may be disturbing for some readers

LAS VEGAS (KLAS) — An officer’s arrest report revealed new details Monday about an incident involving a North Las Vegas substitute teacher accused of making inappropriate comments and forcing two students to kiss.

On Oct. 12, at around 10:30 a.m., officers with the North Las Vegas Police Department were called to Legacy Traditional School – North Valley, located in the 5000 block of Valley Drive, after reports of “offenses to students.”

On Tuesday, Oct. 10, a substitute teacher, identified as Rasheda Rose, 29, allegedly made inappropriate comments toward students and made two 6th-graders kiss each other in front of the class.

A person told police that Rose told the students “they were kissing each other wrong” and “telling them how to do it right,” the report said.

Rasheda Rose, 29, faces two counts of child abuse after she is accused of forcing 2 students to kiss. (NLVPD)

That day, Rose was substituting for six classes, each containing around 30 students. An external agency supplied Rose to the school. She started working for the agency on Oct. 3.

According to a member of the school, seven different students and several teachers reported to him what was happening, the report stated.

One of the students told police that Rose said they were not going to do the work their normal teacher left them, and instead played a game called “Never Have I Ever,” where Rose asked “inappropriate questions.”

Rose then asked the students to close the emergency blinds on the door. When a student told her they were only for an emergency, Rose told her to “close the [expletive] blinds,” the report stated. When students asked to leave to use the restroom, she told them no one was leaving.

Students told police that Rose was asking who in the class was dating and two of the students raised their hands. Rose then asked the two students to go up to the front of the class and kiss. The students told police they were uncomfortable and did not want to do it.

Both students said they were scared of getting in trouble if they did not listen to the teacher, according to the report.

In a video recording that a student took of the incident, Rose can be heard saying “Imma [sic] ask those two if they can give us a show” and “We’re not going to say anything,” according to the report.

Only parts of the video can be seen because the student was trying to secretly film after Rose said no cell phones were allowed, the report stated.

Two students provided police with audio recordings of the incident, on which police heard Rose say “What happens in Mrs. Rose [sic] classroom, stays in Mrs. Rose classroom.”

“I want it to be where everyone can see,” Rose is heard saying. “Imma [sic] count to five, once at five, I want yaw to share a lil peck.”

Rose also told other students who were “dating” students in other classes that their homework was to kiss “before Thursday,” the report stated. She told the students “she would be back to make sure” they did it.

Rose also withheld students from the third-period class and told them to lie to the next teacher and say they were taking a test. She told students how to delete “deleted” messages and hide things on their phones from their parents, as well as make fake accounts.

The mother of one of the students who was forced to kiss said her daughter was teased and bullied since the incident and often came home crying, saying she did not want to go to school anymore. The mother said she tried to meet with the principal, but they would not call her back, the report stated.

She told police she was going to take her daughter out of the school because of it.

While investigating, an NLVPD officer got a call from Rose who said the students were “acting in a sexual manner” and the whole class was “acting inappropriately.” The officer told her she would receive a call at a later date.

On Oct. 31, a lawyer claiming to represent Rose called the officer. The officer explained to the lawyer that there was probable cause to arrest Rose for two counts of child abuse. The lawyer said they would call back to discuss a surrender but never did.

On Nov. 1, the LVMPD headquarters called the officer in charge of the case and told him Rose was there looking for him. Rose said she did not have a lawyer and wanted one given to her so she could speak to police.

The officer explained to Rose that she would only be appointed a lawyer if she was arrested. He also told her he was going to arrest her and she did not have to talk to him.

She then asked the officer to pick her up at LVMPD headquarters because she did not have a ride.

Police arrested Rose on Nov. 1 and took her to the North Las Vegas Community Correctional Center. She faces two charges of child abuse or neglect. Her next court appearance was scheduled for Jan. 8.

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