Hundreds from Las Vegas-area make drive to try luck at winning millions

LAS VEGAS (KLAS) – Huge jackpots always bring up the question of why Nevada doesn’t have a lottery. However, Nevada is not alone Alabama, Alaska, Hawaii, and Utah also don’t have a lottery and it doesn’t stop many from driving to try their luck at winning millions of dollars.

The state of Nevada is in step two of a five-step process to bring the lottery here. First, the ban on lottery has to be removed from the state constitution. The legislature would have to pass it twice and the public would have to vote to remove it in November 2025. At the next Legislative Session in 2027, lawmakers would have to create a type of lottery, including who would oversee it, and where the money would go. Many states use the money to help fund mental health services. It would take until 2028 to see this all happen.

In the meantime, many still travel to either Arizona or California to get tickets. Richard Gagnon drove from Henderson to The Lotto Store in Primm to try his luck.

“We’re a gambling town and we can’t play the lotto we have to go to California where we are at right now, it is frustrating,” he explained.

The math on his trip is an hour’s drive from Henderson, then an hour and a half in the line before he reaches the counter. After he gets his tickets it’s another hour’s drive back home. A total of three and a half hours just to get tickets.

Gagon is not alone when it comes to the frustration of a long drive, the cost, and the effort it takes to purchase a ticket. Romeo Baulosan Jr. and Clint Padua told 8 News Now they drove from Mountain’s Edge, and they come often to try their luck.

“It’s frustrating only Saturday and Sunday, but weekdays it’s okay,” Romeo Baulosan explained. “It’s too much money for me.”

Walter Boldish also came from Henderson and said he is playing for himself and his mom who lives in Florida.

“It’s kind of crazy you can gamble in Henderson and you can do everything else, but you can’t play the lottery,” he explained.

But when the jackpot gets this big people will make the drive if they can. Megamillions is over $1.1 billion and Powerball is at $865 million.

As for the winnings, most of the people 8 News Now talked to said they would use some of their winnings to help others.

“Once I can help other people, I will feel great about having that money and being able to do great things for my family as well,” Boldish explained.

The lucky winning numbers are anyone’s guess just as when Nevada could get the lottery.

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