Las Vegas valley residents voice complaints about on-going road issues

LAS VEGAS (KLAS) — Residents across the Las Vegas valley have told 8 News Now that they are tired of bumpy commutes and are concerned about all the road work needed.

Cracked roads and lifting asphalt make for a rough ride for Rebecca Schaffler in the central valley near Sunset Park. She has lived in the area of Cypress Gardens for 30 years and reached out to 8 News Now about the problem she said just is not getting fixed.

“It’s degraded in the last seven to eight years to where all it is now is just little pits of gravel,” she said. 

Schaeffler’s said that the challenge when driving in the valley is finding, “a little smooth place and trying not to throw off the front-end alignment of your car.”

Schaeffler asked Clark County about repairs but said she has gotten the run-around from officials and public works since 2019 and feels like she’s hit a dead end.

8 News Now reached out to Clark County who said the area will be repaved, but did not provide a timeline.

Another rough spot is near Charleston Boulevard and Pecos Road where Dennis Williams has lived for 17 years.

“The issue is the curb; the streets are unpaved and there are so many potholes and rubble that you can’t even drive down it,” Williams said.

“Potholes are a hassle to your tires. I’ve had to change my tires within the past two months because of the potholes,” Printice Darden agreed.

In a response to an 8 News Now request, the county said public works employees last patched up potholes in the area on March 18.

“We routinely check the area and will make pothole repairs as needed until we can add it to a project for repaving,” county officials said.

Again, no timeline was given.

Schaffler said she hoped repairs would come sooner rather than later. 

“The longer it goes on, the worse my road becomes, and the more it will cost to repair and the longer it will take to repair,” she said. 

There’s more work needed across the valley. The county shared it frequently gets requests to fix Jones Boulevard between Russell and Sunset roads. As well as Paradise Road between Harmon and Twain avenues. Clark County said both areas need to be repaved and will be a part of upcoming projects.

Overall, the county sent a statement which read in part,

“Our goal is to address repairs in as timely a manner as possible based on available funding and personnel. Complaints about potholes can generally be addressed within 24 hours on workdays. Roads that need to be resurfaced or rebuilt due to wear and tear will be added to project lists to be addressed as funding allows.”

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