Mayorkas interview: DHS head talks about impeachment, border and growing up in L.A.

It is a tough but fair set of much-needed tools, and much-needed resources for our department and for the Department of Justice in executing our fundamentally broken immigration system. This department has relied on the Department of Defense to augment our resources at the southern border. This legislation would provide for more Border Patrol agents, more support personnel, more asylum officers, more Office of Field Operations personnel, more ICE officers, more technology. It’s a bill that would make a very significant difference and one that we need.

It is important that Congress not spend time pursuing baseless allegations and actually fix what everyone agrees is a broken system. And so I hope that they really focus on this legislation and get it across the finish line. If they want the challenge at the border to be addressed, then it requires solutions, and this legislation is a solution. If they want a problem to be of political benefit, then that would be quite defining.

Original News Source Link – LA Times

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