Rehab program helps Las Vegas drivers get back on the road safely

LAS VEGAS (KLAS) — A program in Las Vegas is helping people with disabilities get back behind the wheel safely.

John Blake is no ordinary guy, and he doesn’t have an ordinary vehicle. He has to drive without using his legs because of an accident that left him with no nerve feeling in his legs.

He is an Air Force Veteran, a retired aerospace program manager and a former teacher. And now Debbie Hansen is helping him with new his goal.

“She taught me how to drive this vehicle which is not at all like a normal vehicle except for the steering,” Blake said. 

Hansen, an occupational therapist and the only certified Driver Rehab Specialist in Las Vegas, teaches people like Blake how to get back on the road despite disabilities. “It is not a good life to be isolated in one’s home at any age and in Las Vegas it is important to be able to drive,” Hansen said. 

After 12 lessons, Blake was back on the road with his first solo drive on his birthday. And where did he go? “To the Cheesecake Factory where I love their cheesecake there and other meals,” Blake said. 

“To be able to help a man that has been very accomplished his whole life and now lives alone. And still has life to live he needs to be able to drive,” Hansen said.

She also helps people with orthopedic issues, emotional or cognitive conditions and those recovering from spinal cord injuries get back on the road. 

You can find out more about this program at

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